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Excel Dent Company History

Excel Dent, Inc. is Paintless Dent Repair shop specializing in small and large dents. It was founded in 2003, and is located in Aurora, CO. Excel Dent has two Master Dent Technicians and several support staff. Gustavo Bonilla is the founder and president.

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Hail Repair

The Colorado Front-Range region has the highest frequency of hailstorms of anywhere in the U.S. If you live in the……

Dent Repair

Did your kid’s soccer ball nail your new car’s roof? Accidentally hit the side of the garage? Did fallen branches from…..


The goal of using Paintless Dent Repair is to provide minimally-invasive repair to a vehicle’s body, and to leave the factory……

Why choose Paintless Dent Repair?

1.) High-Quality Repair

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) has been around since 1960 when it was created by Oskar Flaig at the International Motor Sports Show in New York City. It offers results which often look better than those from a body-shop, while never sacrificing quality. Your vehicle will be inspected by a Master Body Technician, and treated like it’s one of our vehicles.

2.) Less-Invasive Repair

PDR requires No Drilling, No Cutting, No Sanding, and No Painting of your vehicle’s body. Our master technicians use state-of-the-art “body sculpting” techniques to remove ugly Hail-Damage, and Dents, Dings and Creases without needing to disturb your vehicle’s body and finish.

3.) Preserve Original Finish

With Paintless Dent Repair, your vehicle’s “factory” paint-job is left untouched. This eliminates the need to match a new coat of paint to your vehicle’s original finish. It also eliminates irregularities that can occur when body fillers are used.

4.) Increased Resale-Value

How would you feel if you had just found a great used vehicle, and were ready to close the deal, when the owner disclosed that the front-fender, or hood, or even the roof, wasn’t the original? Or how would you feel knowing that under that seemingly great paint job were dents filled with body-filler? Once a buyer learns about such alterations, the resale value of your vehicle has likely dropped several hundred, if not thousands, of dollars! So, before going to a body-shop, call Excel Dent to learn how PDR can help maximize your vehicle’s resale value.

5.) Maintain Your Warranty

Car manufacturers often state – in the “fine print” – that if your alter or modify your new vehicle’s paint or finish that it will void the Paint Warranty.

(Why do this to repair a minor dent or ding?) PDR can help you avoid such issues, thus maximizing your warranty coverage.

6.) Choose a Specialist

While there are lots of great auto-body shops in the Denver metro, the reality is that most of them specialize in collision-repair. So, if Hail Damage or Dent & Dings have you feeling down, then why not take your vehicle to a shop that specializes in these areas? At Excel Dent, our Master Technicians have a total of over 25 years experience using PDR to restore vehicles to their original condition!

7.) Go Green

When you choose Paintless Dent Repair with Excel Dent, there are No Chemicals, No Compounds, and No Waste which can contaminate your vehicle or the environment. Instead, we will repair your vehicle using tools and techniques which have been perfected over the past 50 years, and which produce results that will often restore your car to its “pre-damage” state.

8.) Save Time

Why take your vehicle to an auto-body shop and get stuck waiting for weeks (or even months) before anything gets done? With Excel Dent, we can often repair minor Dents, Dings, and Creases in a couple of days. (We also offer quicker turnaround times on Hail Damage than your average body-shop!)

9.) Save Money

For Hail Damage and minor Dents, Dings, and Creases, PDR can offer the same or better quality results as from a traditional auto-body shop – and at up to half the cost! Call Excel Dent today at 303-883-4863 to learn how Paintless Dent Repair can help save you money!


“Thank you Excel Dent Repair for sending your dent team to us! We’ve been able to provide our customers with a higher quality pre-owned vehicle because of your teams’ outstanding attention to dents and detail. You guys are true professionals!”


“I normally don’t leave reviews but decided to make an exception in this case. I came out one morning to find my brand new Mercedes s550 hood dented by a large palm frond. After calling a few repair shops and mobile dent companies.”

Best, Nan