Come see our Certified PDR Master Craftsman

Come see our Certified PDR Master Craftsman

When you come to Excel Dent, you can be reassured that your vehicle will receive the best paintless dent repair care possible. Our owner has over 13 years of experience using Paintless Dent Repair to fix hail-damage, dents, and dings on vehicles. In addition, he is a certifiedPDR Master Craftsman by Vale Training Solutions.

While there are numerous PDR training programs and certifications on the market, they are not all created equal. So, why does the Vale PDR certification stand out?

A Better Certification

Vale Training Solutions created its Paintless Dent Repair certification program over 10 years ago. What makes the Vale certification unique is that it was developed by an advisory committee of both PDR technicians and insurance carriers.

Instead of a group of peers settings standards and “certifying” each other, the Vale PDR certification meets the rigorous standards which insurance companies demand before they will pay out a claim on things such as hail-damage.

Vale offers three levels of PDR certification: Journeyman, Craftsman, and Master Craftsman

Vale Certification Process

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The certification evaluation is a timed event. The PDR technician must use his/her own tools to repair hail-damage and dents on hoods, deck lids and doors of late-model domestic vehicles. Once time has expired, a state-of-the-art light imaging machine is placed on the vehicle, and 16 light bars inspect the PDR technician’s work. Variations in the surface level are compared against tolerances. In addition, the appearance and texture of the vehicle’s finish is evaluated both electronically and visually by a human reviewer. If the PDR technician’s work meets Vale’s strict PDR certification standards, then the technician is certified for the given level.

Simply the Best

When you bring your vehicle to Excel Dent, you can be reassured that it will receive the best care possible, and be supervised by a certified PDR Master Craftsman!

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